June 2012 Chapter Announcements

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June 2012 Chapter News & Updates:

ALL MEMBERS: Our annual elections were due to be held in the month of June. We are behind schedule and will hold them in the month of July. Kevin Shea and Mehmet Munur are the nominating committee, and will be qualifying candidates for all board positions (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Director, Education Director, Special Advisor). If you wish to nominate someone, or desire more information, please email nominations@centralohioissa.org and your email will go directly to Kevin and Mehmet. When nominating a member in good standing, (which can be yourself), include the desired office. All nominations must be received by midnight June 25th in order to be considered. Once the voting begins, we will be utilizing an online voting system this year, the same platform used by ISSA Intl, with the hope of offering a more efficient process that facilitates a high turnout.

Summary of upcoming ISSA Events:
– Central Ohio ISSA Chapter Meeting – June 20th
– Central Ohio ISSA Officer Elections – July
– CISSP Training Class – July 26th – Oct 25th
– Summer Break – July & Aug – No Meetings
– Central Ohio ISSA Chapter Meeting – Sep 19th
– Central Ohio ISSA 2012 Annual Golf Outing – Sep TBD
– Central Ohio ISSA Chapter Meeting – Oct 17th
– Central Ohio ISSA Chapter Meeting – Nov TBD
– Central Ohio ISSA 2012 Holiday Party – Dec TBD

June Central Ohio ISSA Chapter meeting
Where: J. Liu Restaurant, Worthington
When: Wednesday June 20th, 2012
Time: 7:45 AM – 11:30 AM for all sessions
Member Cost:
Chapter Meeting – $0
Non Member Cost:
Chapter Meeting – $20
Sponsored By:
Mary Ann Fitzsimmons
Matt Edington
Event Registration

07:30 – 09:00 Fair User Group Breakout session
07:45 – 08:00 Chapter meeting Registration with light Breakfast
08:00 – 08:50 Analytics Inside

Cyber Security technology has become THE critical defense mechanism for individuals, companies, and governments. The number of annual cyber attacks has been on the rise annually for the last 10 years. These attacks have become increasingly sophisticated. Methods of detection and prevention have, by necessity, had to become more sophisticated as well. The days of simple virus signature scanning and port monitoring are no loner capable of withstanding these threats. As a result, new, advanced technologies are being developed and implemented to prevent attacks, and to allow deep investigation of methods and patterns associated with security infringement. In this lecture, we will discuss many of the new methods that are being developed and deployed to strengthen our defenses. We will discuss techniques adapted from Artificial Intelligence and from Machine Learning to understand how they are being applied, and how they can be used to effectively circumvent the myriad of newly developing attack scenarios. We will discuss current governmental security technologies like Einstein 2 and 3, and also various commercial and theoretical systems

Mike Covert

09:00 – 09:50 Implementing a Quantitative Risk Program

A presentation on how to build a holistic risk program that deals with the challenge faced by traditional quantitative risk frameworks – the unknown. The program introduces “the prediction life-cycle” that is used to; build and validate risk models, objectively measure precision and accuracy limits, and make defensible future predictions based upon historical data. While Mike’s model has its roots in FAIR, you will be intrigued by additional thought he has applied towards this reputable model.

Mike Schiebel – Vantiv

10:00 – 10:50 The Future of Cyber Espionage:

Don’t Get Burned by Flame and Other Advanced Persistent Threats

Harry Sverdlove – CTO, Bit9

10:50 – 11:00 Call for Nominations

Details on Upcoming Events:
July 26th – CISSP Prep Class

Begins July 26th, 1 night weekly/12 weeks

For more information on speaking, teaching, and sponsorship opportunities, contact info@centralohioissa.org.

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