2018 Sponsorships


Sponsorships Available
(as of 4/25/2018 @ 12:15 pm Eastern)

Diamond - SOLD OUT!

Platinum - SOLD OUT!

Gold - SOLD OUT!

Silver - SOLD OUT!

Event - SOLD OUT!

Badge - SOLD OUT!


Lanyard - SOLD OUT!

Challenge Coin - SOLD OUT!

T-Shirt - SOLD OUT!

Track - SOLD OUT!

Food - SOLD OUT!

Charging Station - SOLD OUT!

Wireless - SOLD OUT!



Sponsorships for the 2018 year are now available

We are now accepting sponsorships for the 2018 year. The only major change made from last year is  golf hole sponsorships (with free golfers) are no longer sold separately. Instead, all golf hole sponsorships with free golfers are included with any Diamond, Platinum, or Gold Sponsorship.

Please direct any sponsorship-related questions to sponsorships@centralohioissa.org. We look forward to working with you!